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Our mission is to solve the problem of missing talent in the game industry and help the companies in their game development.

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Finding the right game developers made easy

Hiring our developers streamlines your recruitment processes and lets you focus on the big picture.

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Three people. Ten weeks. One project. Only goal is to get you inside the game industry.

Intense game development

During the ten week program you will build at least one publishable game together with the other team members and our experienced developers.

Motivation is the key

In addition to solid basic game programming skills, you need never-ending motivation to adapt to the fast changing requirements of the game industry.

Learn the right things

We teach you the teamworking and the programming skills the industry requires. You get to meet the right people and benefit from our experience.

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The next batch begins at 3.6.2019

Say hello to our team

We love games and our team is full of gamers from different genres. The biggest factors that unites us is the attitude towards personal development and of course, passion for games. These come up as daily professional discussions and occasional gaming sessions. Although the memes might get out of control sometimes.

Olli Raudus

COO, Co-Founder
040 8283 894

I’m the operating guy in our team. My job is to ensure that everything goes well in our company’s operations, for example in sales, HR and financial stuff. I take part into most of the decisions in our company and I have my hands in almost everywhere, except in the actual game development. I have an entrepreneurial and customer service-oriented attitude which makes me perfect for this position.

In my free time I play many kinds of games, from tabletop to mobile and consoles. I have played Magic: The Gathering competitively a few years ago and even travelled around Europe to play that. Nowadays I play the MTG Arena, because I don’t have that much time for dedicated competitive play. Other games I’ve played recently are the Metro series, Trials Rising, Destiny, OSRS and some mobile games like Dominations, Castle Crush and Empires & Puzzles, just to name a few.

I enjoy meeting and talking to new people, so you can probably see me in the industry’s networking events. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to me! Cheers!

Roni Jokinen

CEO, Co-Founder
040 778 7386

Hello there, I am Roni, CEO and co-founder at LunarByte. My main expertise revolves around programming, software development processes and leadership. What fascinates me the most in programming is software architecture and workflow management because I think these contribute to team’s productivity the most, right after open, honest communication and overall cultural values of the company. I've been passionate about games ever since I played my first game Ape Escape on PlayStation 1 when I was 5, and I've stood on that path, even though now I'm more interested in learning how to develop games and understanding how the industry works. As a person, I strive to learn as much as I can and be as good as I can be in everything I do. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship so founding LunarByte and working here has been the best years in my life so far and hopefully, there will be many more to come!

On my free time, I like to enjoy games and some occasional movies, mostly spending my time to learn more about the world, technology and entrepreneurship. I enjoy listening to audio books while commuting, cooking or doing house chores because I have never had the patience to read books as much as I would want to. On top of this in recent years I have started to take interest in learning more about self-improvement, productivity and regular meditation, which have helped me move forward at a faster pace.

Simo Ollonen

CTO, Co-Founder

As a CTO of LunarByte, I’m in charge of the technical decisions we make. I’m used to dig deep in the technical things especially in the programming tools and procedures.

In my free time I like to play competitive games with my friends such as CS:GO and recently Dead by Daylight. I also have a deep interest in the continuously growing gaming industry and the technology challenges it raises.

From a young age, I have always been interested in technology. I started with console gaming, but soon I got interested in computer games and built my very first gaming computer at age of 12. Since then I’ve been interested in hardware technology varying from mobile devices to computers and still to this day I keep myself updated with hardware industry updates.

In high school I was also interested in 3D technology and one of my hobbies were 3D modelling. My tech savviness and problem-solving mindset led me to steer to programming and I eventually started to expand my programming experience with reverse engineering modding group. I helped with reverse engineering and creating modding tools in my spare time for a while.

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“Working with LunarByte has been a fantastic experience. The engineering support they have provided has been invaluable to our project and their willingness to be flexible and take on tough challenges sets them apart. Not only that but they are easy to work with, making themselves part of the team and investing in our studio cultural values.”

Callum GodfreyStudio Head of Wargaming Helsinki

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